Web Design in Glasgow

First Impressions Count

We understand that your website is an interactive advertisement for your business. So we make sure your advert grabs people's attention, creates interest, and makes them literally beg for your product or service.

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User-Friendly Websites

A beautiful website is useless if it's too difficult to use, so we ensure everything is geared towards the end-user, meaning more conversions for you and your business.

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You want your business to have that little something that makes you stand out from your competition. So why would you want a clone of someone else's website? We design each website from scratch. No templates. Each website a one-of-a-kind.

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beautiful web design in glasgow

Beautiful Design

We want you to have a website that not only performs well, but looks amazing too.

no jargon web design in glasgow

Minimal Jargon

We speak to you in plain english, and take care of the technical stuff behind the scenes. Just the way it should be.

searchable web design in glasgow

Search Visibility

We make sure your website is search engine friendly, making it easier for people to find you.

fast web design in glasgow

High Performance

Built using cutting-edge technology, and hosted on fast servers for a visitor's optimal experience.

  • Why Choose New Order Digital?

    That's a very good question, especially when there's such a large selection of Web Design companies in Glasgow to choose from.

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    I could blab on and on for hours about how technically-gifted we are, or how our designs are the most awe-inspiring ever created.
    Or I could dazzle you with lots of big words, drop in a few lines of geek-speak, and show a graph with a steep upwards curve to "prove" how much your productivity and profits will increase. Just like the one on the right.

    But I think you'd see right through that. And I think most folk are sick and tired of that type of mumbo-jumbo and hype.
    I have a feeling you think the same way, and you just want to have a sensible conversation with a normal human being.

    Someone who will:

    1. Listen to what you want

    2. Offer straightforward advice.

    3. Produce a website for you that meets your expectations, but which does not cost the earth.

    ...Am I right?    Well, you're in luck, because this is exactly what we do at New Order Digital.

    When you need to discuss your project, you won't be passed from pillar to post between unnecessary admin staff, you'll deal with one person from start to finish. We like to build a strong working relationship with each of our clients by keeping that personal touch, and we always look out for your best interests. I'm sure you will agree that there's nothing more impersonal than being treated like just another number.

    Get started with New Order Digital free today by filling out your website requirements here | Get Started |
    or give us a call on 07527 850 330.

  • Stage 1
    stage 1

    web-bulletChoose your desired website package
    web-bulletWe contact you for a telephone consultation
    web-bulletWe will advise and guide you
    web-bulletDiscuss features and functionality you require for your website
    web-bulletYou then receive a quote by email

  • Stage 2
    stage 2

    web-bulletGraphical website screenshots are created
    web-bulletYou give us feedback and we tweak as necessary
    web-bulletRevisions are presented to you for review
    web-bulletYour chosen design goes into development

  • Stage 3
    stage 3

    web-bulletWe start putting your website together online
    web-bulletYou watch as everything comes together
    web-bulletGraphics are developed and inserted in place
    web-bulletTesting and tweaking is carried out until its perfect

  • Stage 4
    stage 4

    web-bulletYour final website is shown
    web-bulletHosting is set up and domain is pointed towards the server
    web-bulletThe website files are uploaded and your site becomes live
    web-bulletAny further tweaks until official launch

  • Stage 5
    stage 5

    web-bulletYour email accounts are created for you
    web-bulletIf selected in your package, you receive a content management tutorial

  • Stage 6
    stage 6

    web-bulletThe search engines are made aware of your site
    web-bulletKeywords are finalised and and tweaks made
    web-bulletThe process of being listed in search engines can take 3-4 weeks in some cases

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    We created this section to quickly answer any intial questions you may have. If you can't find the answers here, we'll be happy to discuss it.

  • I want a website but don't know where to start

    Well, you're in the right place, so that's a step in the right direction. We recommend you read through the information on this website, but you should always do as much research as possible, so don't be afraid to shop around. If you decide that you like what we offer, the next thing to do is go to "get started" and fill out as much detail as possible regarding your business. This will enable us to quickly get back to you with accurate advice for YOUR business, and helps ensure we offer you the most competitive quote. There's no commitment at this stage.

  • What Info do I need to send you?

    It's best to be over-cautious and send us as much info as possible. Send all the text & images you want on your site, but don't be afraid to send us anything else you'd like included, no matter how silly or insignificant you think it may be. It might turn out to be very important. We'll discuss what needs to go in, and what stays out anyway during our conversations.

  • Do you write the content that goes on my website?

    As web designers, we build sites for many different people, operating in many different industries, each offering vastly different services or products. But nobody knows your business better than you. No one else knows the back-story of how you got to where you are. So that's why we stick to the web design and leave the text to you. Copywriting is a completely different, specialised skillset, and if you do need someone to professionally write the content for your website, we can recommend one.

  • How long will it take to make my website?

    This all depends on how complex your project is, and how much information you need to include on your website. With "starter" and "enterprise" packages we usually get websites finished and live about a week after we receive all of your content, and you have confirmed that you're happy with the design by signing off and completing payment. If you have a specific deadline, we can discuss your options during your consultation conversation.

  • Why do you charge for website hosting?

    At New Order Digital, we always use high-speed servers, and allocate ample resources to ensure that when someone visits your website, it will always load error-free, and it will load fast. Search engine rankings are partly judged by how quickly your website loads, so it makes absolutely no sense to design a beautiful website, and then host it on inferior shared hosting. Research shows that people will leave your site if it takes too long to load. And they will never return.
    We think it is fairer to be upfront about hosting costs, and we will always give you the option to host your website wherever you choose.

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Perfect for small businesses.

  • li1-3 Pages (e.g. Home, Services and Contact Us)
  • liFresh Design and Development (no use of templates)
  • liIntegrated Enquiry/Contact Form with Anti-Spam Protection
  • liSocial Media Integration. Links to Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • liAny .co.uk or .com domain included (must be available)
  • li3 Domain-based Email Accounts (e.g. info@yourdomain.co.uk)
  • liIn-depth website visitor statistics via Google Analytics
  • liBasic On-page Search Engine Optimisation & Major Search Engine Submission
  • liTrue Hi-speed Secure Hosting (Free for first month)
  • liTested Cross-Compatibility with all major browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome

From £239


Perfect for growing businesses.

Everything in Starter Package, plus the following expanded features to meet the demands of your business:

  • li5 - 15 Pages
  • liUser-friendly Content Management System (edit the site yourself without specialist skills)
  • liImage and Video Support (Externally-hosted video)
  • liSliding Image Banner
  • liProfessional stock photography available at request
  • li5 Domain-based Email Accounts (e.g. info@yourdomain.co.uk)

From £439


Sell products and take payment online.

Our E-Commerce packages contain everything you need to start selling and taking payment online.
Manage all transactions from an easy to use back office. Control and monitor all aspects of your business in one place, including:
sales tracking, customer data, projections, and customer trends.

Benefit from our high-speed hosting, to ensure you never lose a customer.

From £795


Choose Our Custom Option For The Ultimate In Design & Functionality

Our custom option is perfect for you if you're looking for something just that little bit out there. You can have complete customisation of every aspect of your website design, features, functionality, and a whole lot more.


rule get started

It's very easy to get started.
Have a think about what you want from your website, and simply get in touch. You can call us directly by phone, but a far more efficient way to get in touch is to fill out your details into our form below. This saves time for everyone by giving us an accurate picture of what you want, and enables us to contact you with a complete solution to your query, including a quote, and realistic timeframe.

* Please complete all fields within each step

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